Referee Education with Ken Coulson - Mel Young Easter Classic

24 Mar

Basketball Pacific along with BBNZ are offering to YOU during the Mel Young Memorial tournament that is held over Easter in Tauranga to attend a referee trainers course. This course is specific and there will be opportunities to practice what you are being taught, therefore by the end of the course you will be confident in returning to your local referees association, able to communicate effectively, provide the correct information and help your referees grow and develop. This will help basketball in your region.   

Ken Coulson is no stranger to the basketball scene and has an impressive resume. Ken is a BBNZ National Referee Appointments and Development Committee member, Trained FIBA Referee Instructor Programme, Australian National Basketball
League Referee Coach and Evaluator, NZ National Basketball League Coach and

Sessions will cover:


To help trainers to better understand ways to get their messages, it is important to first understand how their referee’s best learn.  So covering learning styles and instructional techniques will help to provide learning that is best suited to the training of new referees for association.


Fundament to refereeing is learning not only the rules but where to be on the court so that the 2 or 3 referees in the game can work together as a team in accordance with the FIBA rules and mechanics of officiating. Positioning, making calls and then signalling call to the scorebench need to be taught so that all referees can follow the correct FIBA way.


As the same for the above, learning how court mechanics work will help referees to be in the correct positions to make the right calls during the game.


This will be a session on providing guidance and frameworks on how best to structure local training session to meet individual association programmes.


This session will be teaching and learning techniques of observing games to record and priorities referee concerns observed during a game and questioning methods in post-game sessions to best achieve learning by referees. These will be practical session run daily during the 4 days of tournaments.    


Methods of using easily available technology to help referees see what they are doing and be the bases of discussions on rule interpretations or mechanics for improve upon.


This session will be discussing and explaining the current BBNZ guidelines so that the trainers will have an understanding of what is required for refereeing consistency in New Zealand.


Following on from the guidelines, this session will cover how referees can progress through the system from a beginner referee to becoming an FIBA international referee. The new on line training modules will be explained and how best for local association to use the BBNZ on line training system.

This will be the first time this program for new trainers, will be delivered and follows on from the resent successful National Referee Trainings Clinic last month.

This course is for anyone working with Basketball New Zealand Affiliated Associations and the aim is to develop referees. The course is free of charge and will run throughout the duration of the tournament.

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